Wednesday, 10 July 2013

How to Make Children's Clothes...

... the Modern Singer Way, by Mary Brooks Picken.

Hooray for birthdays and Ebay.

This edition dates from 1931 and is a companion volume to the book I already had, How to Make Dresses, the source of the ingenious technique for making rouleau straps.

The illustrations are absolutely delightful.  Because we are having blazing hot sunshine at the moment I was drawn to the page headed Sun Suits and Play Clothes.

This is a fascinating  book to read as it gives an insight into the clothes worn, fabrics available and techniques used - tiny hand sewn French seams and lace inserts on babies' dresses, cotton rompers for toddlers. and sensible dresses with matching bloomers for school.

The book is packed with no-nonsense advice.  I certainly knew who was in charge when I read "Sleazy materials lose their shape and take on premature shabbiness."  

If only I could get away with writing like that.


  1. what a find, love the quote & belated Happy Birthday wishes from here in the Land Down Under!

  2. Umm, Muv, you just did! *smile* (Isn't that the best line ever?)



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