Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lots of Pretty Pictures This Sunday

Here are Will and Ed busking on a street corner in Bath ten days ago.  They asked me to take a picture of them, and they particularly wanted to be photographed with Advert Girl because they rather liked having her looking over their shoulders while they sang.

I am ridiculously pleased with this picture.  It was taken on Will's mobile phone.  For me mobile phones are a technological step too far and I am the only member of our family not to have one. Will had to show me which way round to hold it and what to press.  Looking at the screen was a waste of time because the sun was so bright I couldn't see anything on it, so this photo was taken by just aiming and pressing.  I took several just in case, because I was sure I was pressing too hard and giving it camera shake.  I'm not used to taking photos with gadgets not much bigger than a packet of fags.

Will and Ed are now making good progress on their walk northwards.  They are taking some wonderful photos on the way, which you can see in their Flickr gallery.  My particular favourites are of poppies in a field of rapeseed and of a pony and foal - completely gorgeous pictures.


  1. That is a nice one! I like the way the line from the shadow creates a diagonal eye line and adds to the mirror effect. It segmented the photo almost perfectly.

    Just and FYI - I broke up with google and moved my blog. I'm still theboredzombie, but if you follow me on bloglovin, my feed changed to Please do update it if you would like! :)

    1. Hello Susan,

      I noticed you had moved your blog - it sounds as though it was a complete headache for you, and you have done really well getting it all sorted out.

      Glad you like this picture! There's something unreal and mesmerising about it - the way Will and Ed's arms form the base of an equilateral triangle, and Advert Girl's hair and eyelashes cast shadows that correspond with the shaft of sunlight. If I hadn't taken the picture myself I would have suspected those shadows were photoshopped.




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