Saturday, 31 May 2014

Flooded Fields Landscape Ready for Binding

This afternoon I have finished the foreground of the landscape...

...just filling in in front of the wall with muddy water with the tops of a few plants poking up.  

Then when I looked at the overall effect I was very irritated by the fact that the clouds were right at the top edge and would be chopped off by the binding.  This post a little while ago shows how the raw edge is just a fraction of an inch above the top of the clouds.

The solution was to slice off a little of the unquilted fabric from the bottom and lay it over the wadding at the top and quilt over the raw edges - easy to spot if you look closely, but fairly unobtrusive from the opposite side of the room.

Now I have to think about how I am going to bind it.  I already have a few ideas for the next landscape, and this time I might plan it a little better.

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  1. Very creative solution... looks good.

  2. This trick is brilliant. And who would think of searching for that (nobody will ever think one crazy enough to do that kind of stuff). I once saw a quilt at a show when the lady wrote in the quilt description that one of the square was 2 triangles sewed together because she lacks fabric. We searched for about 5 minutes before finding it. Your stitches are gorgeous, I look at a closeup of one picture, the spacing between lines is so thin. Congrats for all your patience.

  3. Just beautiful!!! I have dreams that one day I'll be able to quilt like this. Much practice needed!!!

  4. wow looks awesome. Now that was some creative thinking for the top. Love it!!

  5. You certainly have a great deal of detail in your quilting.



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