Saturday, 6 April 2019

A Quilt With No Quilting

Every quilt has a story, even the old battered ones.

This little quilt was made for my first nephew, who was born in 1980.  At the time I was living in a shared house in Liverpool with three other girls, and so far as I remember I had borrowed my mum's machine for a while, a Singer 28K hand machine.  I was determined to make him something, but had neither the time nor the space to learn how to do it properly.   

So I did it the hard way, cutting triangles with scissors.  I enjoyed piecing the pattern together, but essentially the whole project went downhill after that.

The backing is pretty, but not particularly boyish, and not a brilliant match for the top.

For some reason I put a corded edging all the way round, made of 2 inch long strips of lots of different materials.  This was a piece left over from a skirt I made.  It is interesting to see that the only piece of viscose I used wore out, or perhaps a moth found it particularly tasty.

This piece is from another of my skirts, a beautiful cotton print imported from Japan.  If I saw anything similar on sale now I would snap it up straight away, but I have never found anything quite like it since.

As for the quilting, well there isn't any.  The wadding was a large piece of felty stuff, and of course it shrank, so the well worn informal look set in immediately after the first wash.

Perhaps I should just take the whole thing apart and quilt and bind it properly.  After all this time there's hardly any rush.

Linking up with Andrée's blog Quilting and Learning for Throwback Thursday.


  1. Hi Muv, that's a great story. Amazing what we'll do for that first nephew or niece! Did he give it back to you? Thanks so much for linking up to Throwback Thursday :-)
    Take care,Andrée

    1. Thanks Andrée!
      It wound back with us years ago, can't quite remember how. I'm in two minds whether to revamp it or not.
      Love, Muv



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