Thursday 11 April 2019


Very slowly I am getting into the frame of mind to tackle a free motion landscape.  

Here are the threads I have pulled out.  I won't necessarily be using them all, but I need to check that none of the essential colours are about to run out.  Some colours I can only get by mail order, which can take a few days.  Also I have made the  preliminary sketch, which is a grand way of saying I have traced a few lines from a photo.  This will have to be scaled up to measure 12 inches across, and cropped at the top and bottom so I have a 12 x 12 inch design.  I have plenty of fabric, and I shall oil the machine and let it stand a couple of days so I can be sure it won't leak oily smudges as soon as I get down to serious work...

Free Motion Mavericks this week is at Andrée's blog Quilting and Learning and I'm linking up!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Muv, I'm really looking forward to seeing your work! Have a great weekend and thanks for linking up :-)



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