Monday 3 December 2012

Indian Star Decals - Singer 128K

This is my 1934 Singer 128K with the Indian Star decal in the centre of the bed of the machine

The Needlebar website gives information about the different decals found on Singer machines, and it was there that I found out that in each point of the star is written the word Singer in a different Indian language.

This machine was bought from a couple in Shropshire - it had belonged to the wife's mother.  They had no family connections with India and had no idea how they came to have a machine that had been manufactured for export there.  My guess is that it was originally sold in India and was  brought back to this country many years ago.


  1. Hi Muv, Happy New Year to you and you family. I asked a few friends at work about the star so hear goes. 2 o'clock is Teluga. 7 o'clock is Hindi. 8 o'clock Kannada. 10 o'clock is Gujarati. 11 o'clock is Urdu. Just in case anybody asks. The other 3 they were not sure about. Kindest regards Duncan.

    1. Hello Duncan,

      Thank you, and a Happy New Year to you! I hope you and your family are well - and keeping dry.

      Thank you for finding out which script is which. The other three languages are Oriya, Singhalese and Malayalam - perhaps your friends at work can match them to the three remaining scripts. Could be an entertaining quiz for tea break.


  2. These decals are simply gorgeous! Do you know where you can get them to replace the original worn out ones? I have a 1924 model 127

    1. Hello Sherri, No I'm sorry, I don't. Try Ebay in the USA. Love, Muv



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