Tuesday 18 December 2012

Tuesday's Top Tip - Pegs, Not Pins

This is what I was wrestling with last week - huge heavy quilted sections that had to be fed through the treadle to join them together to assemble the whole quilt.  Ordinary straight pins are not strong enough to hold the thickness and weight.  Safety pins could put too much strain on the fabric - the top binding, the strip of white, is a single thickness.  Clothes pegs do the job perfectly.  You can match the sections where there are joins at a right angle to the seam you are sewing, the pegs are easy to remove as you are sewing, and most important of all, you don't jab yourself. 

Update - here is the finished quilt!


  1. I find it delightful that you call them clothes pegs and we in the USA refer to them as clothes pins, at least that is what we call them in the south... at least in Texas..don't know about the northern states...have a wonderful day...enjoyed this!

    1. Hello Anonymous Texan,

      Always pegs here, never pins.

      Glad you liked this tip - I hope you try it one day!




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