Friday 7 December 2012

The Vesta Manual

Threading the shuttle made easy, as shown in the manual for the Vesta Cylinder Shuttle machine (a transverse shuttle machine with an enclosed, flat-sided shuttle).

These instructions apply to any make of machine with a similar shuttle.  If your shuttle looks like the one in the picture below (whether or not it has a flat side), then follow these instructions.

These are the best illustrations I have ever seen in an old manual.

Is it a tiny man with a regular sized bobbin and shuttle, or is he normal size and the shuttle is a giant mock-up, for demonstration purposes only?  

I think I know the answer.....


  1. Thank you - just what I was looking for. I am fairly confident that the pictures illustrate the shuttle being threaded by a helpful sewing machine pixie!

    1. You mean these boys?



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