Friday 21 December 2012

Quilt Pieced on the Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle

I made this quilt for my daughter.  She likes pink and green.  It is a single sized quilt laid out on a double bed to show the border.  It was pieced on my Frister and Rossman Transverse shuttle - easy with the seam guide in place.  The method for this pattern is shown by Bonnie Hunter on her website Quiltville under the heading Sister's Choice.

For the border I did my own thing, separate blocks of strips.  Bonnie's instructions for borders involves laying the whole top out on the floor - completely impossible in a small house.

At the corners the strips cross over each other.  Feast your eyes on the mismatched seam.  
Every quilt should have its imperfections - it's all part of the charm.

It was long arm quilted by Midsomer Quilting, and because I was feeling particularly lazy they did the binding too.  They did a perfect job.


  1. It's a beauty, Muv! And I love how you criss crossed the corners...... ;c)

  2. Thank you Bonnie,

    So glad you like it!


  3. Hi Muv - your blog has me jumping round the room with excitement. Today I bought a Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle (1907-1914) in a junk shop and was thinking it would probably just look nice; now I am thinking I can actually use it!! If I can make a quilt as beautiful as yours I will be well chuffed.


    p.s. living in Bath, Midsomer Quilting is a favourite haunt of mine...although I haven't had anything quilted by them, I just spend too much money there on gorgeous fabrics.

  4. Hello Sue,

    You lucky cake! If I had just found a Frister and Rossmann in a junk shop I'd be skipping around the house with delight too. You will have to stick pictures of it on your blog. I have a serious soft spot for German machines.

    Yes, it can be quite dangerous walking into MSQ.




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