Wednesday 7 August 2013

1940s Blouse Pattern

This morning I found some nice pale blue cotton chambray shirting - only a short length, unfortunately, it was the end of a roll, but it came home with me.  It is 60 inches wide, so it should go a long way.  When I came home I pulled this pattern out of the cupboard and started thinking about making it a project for the autumn.

Somebody has obviously thought about it in the past and done a little pencil sketch in the centre of the collar folded open.  However, the pattern has never been used.  The pieces are all inside folded together and in perfect condition.

These sunburst darts look really stylish and never go out of fashion.  They can't possibly.  It says so on the envelope, bottom right...

Fashion-Fresh      We hereby certify that this style is a current fashion. 

Yes, just like the hair do.  I want one of those.

Or perhaps I should opt for a swept back style, more fitting for the mature lady.  Would I look that serene after tackling the shaped yoke?

Perhaps I would if I avoided doing the cuffs and made a short sleeved version.

I have had this pattern for at least thirty years.  I really must get round to using it.


  1. I like the last shirt, her hair is my favorite too! LOL

  2. I know it has nothing to do with todays post but I have seen previous posts about machine restoration. What do I need to look for when buying metal polish. I usually resort to removing metal parts spraying carb cleaner on them to remove dirt and grease then buffing with a very fine sand paper. But I have recently bought an older machine in very good but very dirty condition and do not want to be drastic with it.

    1. Hello Deesun,

      If you go to the side bar and click on the heading "Metal Polish" you will see relevant previous posts. Also, if you go to the bottom right of this page you will find the link for the website for Peek metal polish where you can buy it online. It is extremely good value, because a tube lasts almost forever.

      Good luck,

  3. Thank you, I tend to use my Ipod so there are no links, but when the kids go to bed I will have a look on the computer.
    Thank you Danielle.

  4. Yes, after thirty years it's okay to use the pattern - LOL. I just made a skirt from a twenty year old pattern and I love it - don't know why it took me so long. I like the hair style and the blouse with the long sleeves. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Hi Muv,

    I love the hairdo of the lady with the complicated yoke.
    Alas, my hair is utterly hopeless. I swear I could empty an entire bottle of lacquering spray on it, and it still would not hold the hairdo.

    I like the last shirt. I also like the yoke of the long sleeved version, but I don't like the shape of the long sleeves nor the bow just below the collar.





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