Friday 30 August 2013

Thank You Aeroflot

Last Friday morning we were at Krakow airport waiting for the plane home when I spotted this exceptionally pretty aeroplane.

These flowers and leaves must be based on Russian folk art - there is a beautiful flow to them, making them perfect inspiration for free motion quilting.  Today I looked at this picture for a while, and then did a bit of free motion practice.  I know there is no point in trying to do pencil sketches or plotting any guidelines on the fabric - I just can't work like that.  I just have to put the quilt sandwich in the machine and see what I can do.  This is what I ended up with :-

...  a fat quarter sized panel with three plants, a leafy vine in the middle and stems with berries on either side.

Here is one of the leaves, loosely based on the big gold leaves on the plane,

.. and here are the berries, which are not quite so noticeable on the tailfin.

As a rule I don't find aeroplanes particularly fascinating, but I loved this one!

Update - Read more about this gorgeous plane on the  Allplane blog.  Aeroflot held a competition for designs for the special 90th anniversary livery.  Allplane has a link to Aeroflot's site, where you can see the designs that were submitted.  They certainly picked the right winner.  Also there is a link to Wikipedia, showing Khokhloma, the folk art on which the design is based.
If Aeroflot produced this marvellous livery for the 90th anniversary, what will they do in ten years' time?

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous quilting!! You never know where you'll find inspiration, do you? Whoop whoop for you!!

  2. Oh how lovely! Your FMQ interpretation looks great, I love incorporating leaves into my quilting!

  3. Love your quilting pattern. That's sure is a pretty plane.

  4. I love this pattern. You did a great job.

    What a cool plane!

  5. Genius! The variegated thread in gold and blue adds a dimension that wouldn't be there if you had gone with a solid color. Simply stunning.

  6. Cool plane, fabulous quilting. :)

  7. It's true, inspiration is everywhere. Like the air we breathe it is necessary for life.

  8. That is so cool! What an awesome eye and translation of pattern!

  9. What a delightful design. And how interesting to link to Allplane. Thanks.



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