Thursday 29 August 2013

Meet My Daughter

... the parcel tape version, that is, wearing a blouse I made for her a couple of years ago.  She wanted a sleeveless square necked dress, and I wanted to try pattern drafting.  I realised that drafting a dress pattern for a first attempt might be a bit ambitious, and so she got a blouse. Also she was still growing.

Youtube is full of videos showing how to make a dress form with tape.  This is the video I watched yesterday morning before my daughter and I went mad with the tape.  No non-stick scissors here, boring brown tape, and no sacrificed items of clothing to cut away - I used an old pillow case with holes cut out for her head and arms and it served as a mini shift dress.

This video doesn't show the dress form being stuffed, but I had already got the stuffing ready - three old pillows that I had washed before we went away on holiday and that had been left hanging in the house to dry.  The filling is synthetic, so they were thoroughly dry when we came home.

Originally I thought I would take out the stuffing, but when It came to it I decided that could get dusty and messy, so I just pulled the pillows through whole.  The lower half is now nice and solid, but I will have to find some more stuffing to fill out the upper part properly.

The back of the neck is in a state of collapse.  I am going to have to wash an old cushion to use to fill in the empty bits.

To avoid transatlantic confusion - pillows are what we sleep on, and cushions are what we chuck onto chairs.

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  1. I have one of them of my daughter, I made it out of duct tape and filled it with fabric scraps that I couldn't use for other projects. It is great for making clothes whilst she is at school.



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