Wednesday 28 August 2013

Charity Shop Finds

Yesterday I ended up in a charity shop and had a very productive rummage through a drawer full of fabric.  This lightweight cotton is at least three yards long.  I bought it thinking it would be a handy fabric for backing or joining strips on a quilt as you go project.  After I had washed it and was ironing it dry I realised that it would be ideal to try out a 1940s blouse.  The pound coin is in the picture for scale and also to show how much this piece of material cost me.

Also for a pound I got this vibrant African print with a narrow border.  It is in fact a skirt, but for some reason had been bundled up in the drawer with the fabrics.  Perhaps because it was so shapeless. After seeing how much dye came out of it it was plain that it had never been washed before.  It might take me a while to decide what to use this for.

Welcome to Rachel Cold, the latest follower - thank you for joining!


  1. These fabrics are beautiful finds.

  2. Nice finds! I really like the red. Will look forward to where it shows up.

  3. Lucky you. They are wonderful finds.

  4. There's nothing like a very productive rummage!! Well done!



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