Thursday 1 August 2013

Victorian Drinking Fountain

This gorgeous drinking fountain dates from 1895 and is made of Doulton tiles.

The glazes are various shades of blue, brown and green.

The flowers and leaves at the centre are beautifully symmetrical.

The overall design is so graceful.

But it is no longer connected to the water supply, and the bowl is full of rain water, dead leaves and fag ends, so I have spared you a close-up.  Still, irksome details like that shouldn't get in the way of inspiration.


  1. I know it is not a rose, but it's Yorshire Day up here. So very fitting. Dunc

    1. Better not say where my uncle lives, then.

  2. I sounds if your uncle lives in the fair county of Lancashire. As I was raised part of my early life in Manchester. The war of the roses just never ended. You think after 500 years or so they would give it a rest. But oh no. Still the fountain is very beautiful. William Morris and others were true artists and highly skilled. Shark in a tank. No thanks. Duncan x



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