Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Doll Quilt From Barbara in Tennessee

This close up shows the detail of Barbara's work of art.  Isn't it amazing!  

Barbara worked from a photograph of my 1934 Singer 128K that I had posted on Quilting Board. She looked hard at every detail and reproduced it in appliqué, with machine embroidery for the decals, hand stitching for the spool of thread, with the thread then following through the hooks and tension discs to the needle and a bobbin thread popping up from underneath.  For detail on the metal she used fabric marker pen, and even put the serial number at the base of the pillar.

As you can guess, I was thrilled and excited to receive such a wonderful quilt.  It soon went on the wall, and I took some photos with the machine in front of it.  We happened to have two bunches of roses in the house at the time, and they matched the border fabric perfectly.  I posted photographs on Quilting Board as a special thank you to Barbara, and as you can imagine her quilt caused quite a stir!

Thank you again , Barbara, it is an absolute treasure!


  1. Oh my that is absolutely adorable ......incredible work .....and I WANT it !!....lucky you ...xx

  2. Completely fab, isn't it? Also looking at that photo shows me how tidy my sewing corner was last year. I need all the nudges I can get for a serious uncluttering session..

  3. I was lucky enough to see this beautiful quilt before Barbara sent it. It is really, really a beauty.

  4. Hello Linda, Lovely to hear from you. Give Barbara a big hug from me!

  5. Stunning! She did a beautiful job! That is a very special gift for a very talented person.



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