Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Tuesday's Top Tip - Take the bobbin out before you put the machine away

A well kept machine will be oiled.  Gradually the oil will seep down.  If the machine is put away with the bobbin still in, the cotton on the bobbin will soak up the oil like a sponge. 

This is the bobbin that was in Maria's machine.  She has no idea how many years ago her grandmother filled this bobbin, but the machine spent years stored away in a Shropshire farmhouse and had plenty of time to drink up the oil.

So even if you are putting the machine away for ten days or ten years, take the bobbin out.  You don't want a smudgy surprise coming up with the bobbin thread next time you start sewing.

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  1. I have a New Williams treadle sewing machine with only one bobbin. I would like to have more bobbins, but cannot find them on the internet. Do you know if another brand of treadle machine's bobbins are interchangeable? For example, will Singer long bobbins fit my New Williams? Thanks very much! Nori

  2. Hello Nori,

    I'm sorry I haven't a clue. American sewing machines are on one side of the Atlantic and I'm on the other. I suggest you contact Donna Kohler at www.treadlelady.com


    1. Just want to say "THANK YOU!" for every video you have posted. You have no idea how wonderful it was to find them.

      I purchased a hand cranked Singer just because I thought it was beautiful and for the last couple of years have searched for information on how to operator and service it. Today I thought I would give it one more try and there were all your videos. I am looking forward to servicing and using my machine soon. And thank you for the links to other websites where you can purchase parts as mine is missing the shuttle.

      Once more, thank you.

      Portland, Oregon USA

    2. Hello Judi,

      I'm so pleased you have found the videos and blog helpful. You need to check the type of shuttle carriage you have (ie, with or without the eject button) so you can be sure you get the right type of shuttle. You will see what I mean when you look at Helen Howes's site.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again once you have the machine working!




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