Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Doll Quilt from Bonni in Illinois

Last year I joined the Quilting Board forum.  It's a wonderful website for quilters, with lots of discussion about vintage sewing machines, quilts, cookery, life in general and more quilts.  One of the forums they run is a monthly doll quilt swap, where everyone is allocated a partner and you make each other a little quilt.  So my first effort at a doll quilt was shoved into an envelope to fly across the Atlantic, and look what I got from Bonni!

It's a lovely cut out appliqué which she edged with hand stitching - blanket stitch, what else!  And it was pure coincidence that she sewed an extra embellishment in the centre.  There was definitely a bit of quilters' telepathy going on.  

Bonni's quilt now hangs on the wall in my sewing corner and adds a lovely cheerful splash of colour. Thank you Bonni!

It's interesting being on Youtube and blogger, because you can see where in the world the viewers are and which websites have links posted to the Youtube channel or blog.  This was how I discovered Quilting Board, by tracing back the link from Youtube.  Now with this blog I can see where in the world the views are coming from - this country, USA, South America, Europe, Russia...

Also I have found links to lots of nice jolly blogs and interesting websites about sewing, fabrics, art, sewing machines... and there are some sites where I can't work out what the connection is at all.


  1. It was a fun quilt to do and am glad that you liked it. It was interesting to look at it again and see where I was a year ago and compare it to where I'm at now. Thanks for the memories. I loved what I received from you but, unfortunately, I do not have it any more. My great nieces saw it and HAD to have it for their dolls. How can one argue when you look into their eyes and say "But Aunt's a DOLL quilt. You don't have dolls and we do." It is in a place of honor on the doll bed since they saw it came all the way from across the seas to us. :) Thanks for the wonderful memories.

  2. Bonni,

    Absolutely wonderful to hear from you today! I am so thrilled to hear that your great nieces have the quilt for their dolls. Is that why I used a wadding that gave quite a puffy flexible feel to the quilt, because there was a dolls' bed waiting for it? Give the little girls and their dolls a big kiss from me when you next see them!




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