Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cleaning the Decals - Jones Family CS

Taking off the bobbin winder meant I could clean the front of the pillar easily, and gave me the opportunity to admire the decals in their full glory.  

The decals on the back of the pillar are equally impressive.  

A gentle rubbing with sewing machine oil on a dab of cotton wool is all it takes to bring up the shine. Any excess oil can be wiped off with a soft cotton cloth afterwards.

Never use any strong or abrasive substances on the decals - they can be damaged beyond repair by over-enthusiastic cleaning.

Hello Mommysue7!  Thank you for following. 

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  1. I recently purchased my first vintage machine and find your blog very helpful and inspiring. I check it nearly every day. Love the doll quilts. I don't have dolls, but know little girls who do. I have quite a collection of leftover half square triangles that need a home...



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