Thursday, 6 September 2012

Man's Bulky Cardigan

Somehow I was sucked into a charity shop this morning and I fell straight for the 1970s sales pitch. Or did I fall for the pictures in the pattern book?  Who can resist a pattern for a man's bulky cardigan?  Is it a bulky man's cardigan in disguise?

I have never learnt to crochet, but the day may yet come.  However I have been able to knit since I was at infants' school.  So when I see a box for a bit of plastic (sorry, unbreakable nylon) describing the contents as The Original Betty Ann Knitter (knits and crochets with one needle!) I am a little bit cautious.  

However, in a charity shop one can throw caution to the wind.  The moths fluttered out of my purse as I parted with £1.50.  The PDSA now have enough for a few chewy doggie bones and some cat crunchies, and I am the proud owner of an item which the manufacturers claimed could do almost everything I ever wanted with wool, but with which I will probably do nothing.

In truth, it was the pictures in the book and the newspaper cutting hidden in the box that hooked me. There is more to show.  No surprise to find that it came from the States, so, as they say there, stay tooned...


  1. I have never seen one of those ( no not a bulky man !!) will watch and learn with interest....x

  2. Hi, I just found you when I was trying to work out how to set up my beautiful old manual singer sewing machine and I can't thank you enough. Anyway I thought you might like to know that from what I remember the Betty Ann Knitter was around in the UK earlyish 1970's. I can recall the adverts that were on TV when I was in primary school. Billed as 'An ideal christmas present' apparently, they were supposed to create interlocked stitches that could be cut into without the whole piece of work unravelling but I never did find out. My mother, who knitted all my jumpers and cardis would not buy one because she thought they were 'gimmicky' much to my disappointment, but my best mates mother - who also had a fancy cream leather sofa did buy one. I don't remember what she made with hers but if memory serves it was in bright mustard coloured yarn. Ah the 1970's!

    1. Hello Pogostemon,

      Really pleased to hear that your mum was so sensible and stuck to real knitting. When I have an idle moment over Christmas I might get this little bit of plastic out and see if I can turn out a faux crochet trouser suit. Do you think I will find the right shade of orange acrylic?




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