Friday, 7 September 2012

Doll Quilt - Brighton Pavilion

This is the second doll quilt I made for a swap on Quilting Board.  The theme was black and white and one other colour.  Following the theme for the month is always optional, and I nearly didn't, but when I walked into a shop and saw the black with white and pink spots, and the spotty buttons, the whole idea fell into place.  All the other materials were already lurking in my cupboard.

I had just finished  making a 60s style top in the scribble print, but because the quilt was destined for America I knew the design would be a bit of a puzzle.  Is it a mosque?  Is it the Kremlin?  So it was time to work out how to do handwriting on the sewing machine.  The solution was to use greaseproof paper for a tracing and then make a stencil.

All told, I was quite pleased with the result, even though the corners of the binding were pretty rough - the material was a touch too thick for me to manage mitres.  It looked very 60s, which was a bit of a surprise because I'm not a great 60s fan - all a bit brash for my staid taste.


  1. brash is brilliant the spots and I sometimes use those spotty buttons on my work ....are they the ones that come in a plastic heart?...x

  2. No, just loose from a tube in the shop, but they could be the same buttons.

    Just wait till you see the quilt I got in return..




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