Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My First Needlecase

It is a bit grubby and frayed, because, like its maker, it is getting on a bit.  This is how it all began, in Miss Bennett's class when I was six.  We were given pieces of binca, big fat blunt needles, lengths of soft embroidery cotton in jolly colours, and shown samples of different stitches we could try out.  The choice of colours and stitches was up to us.

When we were finished Miss Bennett made them up into needlecases with four felt pages inside.

I look at this needlecase and am filled with respect for Miss Bennett for what she could achieve with a class of fidgety infants.  She didn't just limit us to running stitch and cross stitch, but took us further into the realms of alternating running stitch, and blanket stitch with a second colour woven through it.

Them was the days, as they say where I come from.


  1. Hi Muv, what a beginning! Your teacher was pretty amazing but you did really well. Would you have thought at the time that you would develop your talent like you did? And of course there is still so much to do, learn and explore! Please forgive my super chearry self. I spent the day in Burano and am on a real high :-)

    1. Hello Andrée,

      You are right, once you start sewing the possibilities are endless.

      Yes, you are allowed to be cheery - enjoy the rest of your trip!

      Love, Muv



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